Thursday, February 28, 2008


Has anyone seen the commercial for a new radio station called Fresh? I know radio is local, but I think most of the stations on the air now are syndicated. This one claims, in its commercials, that it's not too young but not too soft. The way they do this is by having a woman upset about her choice in radio stations-- This one is too young (and she's dressed like a teenager listening to rap)! And this one is too old and tired! Guess what she's dressed as in the "old and tired" section? Yup. A librarian. Such a dis! Every time I turn that station on they are just playing crap, and I yell at the radio, "Yeah- no librarian would want to listen to your lame station!" I have definitely taken this personally. See for yourself here:

Now what to do about it?


Kaleb said...

I would suggest we bring back burning at the stake if I didn't actually leap towards my radio and check if I get Fresh in my area. You wouldn't believe the lack of good stations here that aren't 50-Cent or Lil Wayne obsessed (though I do like a little Nelly and Usher once in a while...)

Julie H said...

Dang! We are supposed to be going against these evil stereotypers! Oh well, as long as they don't know you're listening.