Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Poor SMG

I don't know what it is about Sarah Michelle Gellar, but why are all of her movies (besides Scooby Doo and that Japanese Horror movie for which I can't remember the name even though it's probably one word and totally simple) bombs? The latest is a movie Matt and I rented called Suburban Girl. Lame name. The movie was about Gellar as a junior editor at a publishing house who ends up hooking up with the way older Alec Baldwin. While the movie wasn't that bad, it was definitely missing some flow. And I was kind of grossed out by Alec Baldwin. He's hysterical on 30 Rock, but next to the tiny, very young-looking Gellar, he just looked like an old block (he is rather square in shape). Gellar had or has a few others that are almost straight to video, including the controversial (and yet to be seen by me) Southland Tales. Doesn't matter, though, cause I'll watch anything she's in. Even if SMG continually denies her Buffy roots(she's never at any Buffy type reunions), I can not. She will always be the slayer to me.

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TLH (since we're using initials) said...

There's no shame in indulging in SMG. I will watch anything with a Victorian house or cottage-style house in it.