Thursday, February 21, 2008

Where My Dogs At?

Sorry about the "dogs" in the title. Guess I've been watching (not by choice. Well, maybe a little) American Idol too much.

I don't know if my website maintenance thing is wrong, or if people have really stopped reading my blog (the reader statistics have been super low for a couple of weeks). So-- please indulge me today, since I have to have blood taken and you know that's my worst fear and I'm freaking out right now-- if you read my blog, can you just give a tiny, shoutout blog comment so I know I still have readers? Please? I am feeling weird about blogging to no one and am hoping it's just a glitch in the stats system. So just comment anything. One word. One letter. I don't care. So that when I get back from the doctor and am reliving the embarrassment of me freaking out in the doctor's office, I can at least see that I have some blog friends. Is this a pathetic enough post for you?


Kaleb said...

You mean 'Where my dawgs at.'


Elizabeth said...

Still here.

Julie H said...

OMG- I'm such an old lady. I meant dawgs. Oy. Thanks, guys, for reading and saying hello!

susannah said...

hey. i read it! -sf

A fan said...

Raising hand, still reading. :)

And I DO watch Numbers. Was also a big fan of Northern Exposure (keep waiting for it to show up on Nickelodan).

And am still enjoying reading your blog!

EM said...

Just found your blog - it's awesome! I loved 'Get Well Soon'