Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Degrassi is My Family

As many of you know, I have been a fan of Degrassi since they showed us the original first Degrassi Junior High episode back in 1987 at Cooper Junior High. I watch the new eps, and love them all. (the cable channel that shows the new Degrassi) has a quiz to find out which family on their shows is most like your family. I took the quiz, and check it out:

Of course my family would be from Degrassi! And not just any Degrassi family- the one with the parents from my old skool Degrassi! Snake and Spike!

OK- this probably means nothing to anyone reading this, but I'm psyched.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Shoppin' from A to Z

Well, hooray for Black Friday. I don't really have any traditions involving the mega shopping day. I just go with my gut. A few years ago, my dad and I woke up at 6 and went to Kohl's and the mall. I was too tired, and it was insanely overwhelming. I almost threw up. This year, I studied the sales papers. There were things Matt and I needed, and good gift ideas, so the plan was to wake up at 7:00 and leave at 8:00. The first stop was a door buster at Office Max, and they were already sold out! Bogus. We went next door to Best Buy, which was freakishly frightening. I don't like buying from them anyway because they restock things that people have returned. I had a problem with that once. I will not go on with a full description of my shopping day, but I will list the rest of the day here (with comments where needed):

3. Target. Matt and I bought the Atari Flashback 2, filled with thirty games. We played for about ten minutes. Not so good. Although I do love Centipede, as it is the game I am best at in THE WORLD. Every time I play the game at a public place – to this day- I get my name on the high score screen.

Mall #1

4. Macy’s

5. Body Shop

6. The Gap

7. Sterling Works

8. Hallmark

9. Carleton Cards

Out of mall

10. Office Depot

Mall #2

11. Johnny Rockets

It was here that we noticed the awesome Flushed Away toys from McDonald’s. We went to four more McDonald’s over the next twenty-four hours to purchase a complete collection.

12. Macy’s

13. Oilily

14. Lord and Taylor

Out of mall

15. Staples

Home for nap.

16. Sam’s Club

17. Michael’s

The day ended with a McDonald’s run, where the very nice manager rustled through the Happy Meal toy bin for ten minutes to find us toys. What a day! There’s more to the weekend, but Girlfriends is coming on. Gotta go!

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Yesterday, while not a bad day, was filled with minor disappointments.

1. I saw Flushed Away, and I enjoyed it very much, except for the fact that THEY DID NOT HAVE THE SLUGS SING Everybody Dance Now. That was totally the reason I wanted to see it! That looked so funny! It turns out that was only for the promos. You can see it online. Here is the link, for anyone as interested as I. And who knows why I am so interested? Damn that's funny.

2. There should have been a new episode of Degrassi on last night, so I went to my parents' house to watch (because they have the good cable), and The N (the channel it's on) didn't work!!! All night!!!

3. So instead, we all watched four hours of VH1's top songs of the 80s. I'm a sucker for VH1's countdown shows. If I had VH1 I would never leave the house. And after four hours, what song was number 1? Hmmmm? Freakin' Bon Jovi's Living on a Prayer. As if! Total letdown. Check out the VH1 page if you want to see some of the interviews and videos from the show. I know I will. I'm an 80s fool. Never mind about the damn clip. I can't find it on the site. How unuseful.

Happy Thanksgiving (if I don't write before then).

Friday, November 17, 2006

Flushy Weekend

So who watched "The Office" last night? I do really like that show- like the way it makes me cringe. I think Stanley is my favorite character. But last night, the whole Jim, Pam, and the new girl thing was not fun. Matt's theory was that Jim still likes Pam, but wants to like the other girl because she likes him so much. And he wants to hurt Pam. Guys.

This weekend we're going to go see "Flushed Away." Every time I see the little slugs in the preview sing "Everybody Dance Now" I laugh.

My novel is almost in its complete form. Sort of. I mean, I still can go through it and decide to change something, but it's getting ready for its final form. Matt is almost done with the cover illustration, although they have to tell him what colors and lettering they'd like him to use. I'm voting for the brighter colors, but I always am.

I went to Oilily yesterday because they were having a sale. It's my favorite store. I was a little disappointed. I bought a couple things (OK, I will admit that my mom bought them for me. Thanks, Mom!), but I wanted to buy more. They are using too many itchy fabrics. I can pretty much only wear cotton, because other things make me itchy and rashy. Speaking of, I have these three red dots on my upper arm. Sexy.

It's 6:50 in the morning, and I should get to work.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Pie Me

Are there any other Baker's Square fans out there? Matt and I go there almost once a week. I'm not kidding. My favorite dish is the slow-roasted turkey focaccia, dressing on the side. Sometimes I get coleslaw, sometimes fries. Mmmmmm. Matt gets the patty melt, substitute a Boca patty. And always fries. And a Coke. I don't know why it's so good, but it is. The food is fresh, and the service is almost always super-pleasant. And then there's the pie. I never eat pie (except at Christmas-time when we visit Matt's family and it is one of the only non meat-based items. Yeah, I know I eat turkey, but I'm really picky otherwise. I won't eat cows. Or chickens cause they're all veiny. Back to the pie-), except at Baker's Square. Remember when it was called the Poppin Fresh Pie House? My family still calls it that. The best pie they sell is a rare pie called , um, crap, I forgot. But it's really good. I never get fruit pies, unless pumpkin is a fruit. I like me some pumpkin pie. And French silk. And caramel something supreme. And the peanut butter chocolate one.

You know, when I was writing this in my head last night it was a lot funnier. Oh well. At least I got to talk about pie.