Sunday, October 29, 2006


Today is the day when kids trick-or-treat in my town. We have it during the day on the Sunday before Halloween. I can't decide if that sucks or not. I used to love trick-or-treating in the dark, but I wouldn't make it home in time from work these days to greet the treaters. One of the best things about owning a house is greeting trick-or-treaters. Matt and I deliberate over what candies will be the most popular. Sponge Bob Crabby Patties are big every year. 100 Grand are not so popular, except with me. I have had several already today. That is why we can only buy our Halloween candy on the weekend of Halloween. Because I will eat it all. Except for the Crabby Patties. Gross. Boogery burgers. Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Gay Office

The gay episode of The Office is on now. It's a painful one. The kiss scene. Ugh. This seems to be a re-runny week for TV shows. Degrassi is also a rerun.

This week I received my manuscript back with copyeditor marks all over it. What a crazy job. It made me feel like a moron to see all of the mistakes I made. It was also funny to see how many words I made up that we she to figure out how to spell. Perhaps I should make the Julie dictionary.
Matt is sitting next to me clapping with laughter as Oscar and Michael kiss. The best part of watching The Office is watching Matt watch it.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

TV Stinkbombs

Hello. I am disillusioned by the poo on TV these days. I still miss Buffy. I'm trying to watch the Gilmore Girls, but I don't love Lorelei. Why is she still so immature? How can she lose Luke and fall in love with her (very gay-ish) ex so soon? And what is up with Degrassi? Does anyone out there watch the new episodes (Beth?)? Darcy is a skank Christian Ho. She was all righteous, and now she's taking off her clothes for internet pervs? I watched an online mini doc about filming that episode, and there were all of these old dudes filming this teenage girl stripping. How do they sleep at night knowing they're making, essentially, kiddie porn? They probably sleep quite nicely, actually.

Project Runway- blah. Jeffrey is a butt. None of them were all that interesting, although I liked Uli's clothes. They better make next season a nice season or I'm walking away. No more Runway for me. But what then? Oh! And for some reason, the Milwaukee episodes of Antiques Roadshow (which I will hopefully be on)are not going to air until FALL 2007!!! That makes no sense! Milwaukee was not the last stop on the tour, so why is it pushed back until the next season? Click here for the weird details:

Matt and I are off to a pumpkin farm today in Wisconsin. I love that we live so close to another state. It feels like we're on vacation. Too bad it's so crud out. Oh well.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


You know, I have had a million things to write about and just have not written. I am lazy, I suppose, although if I were lazy would I do another extracurricular thing like write a blog? Perhaps not.

Tonight is #1 of the Runway finale. I'm happy to watch, but not happy because of the extreme negative action of this season. That will continue tonight with the Jeffrey sewing conspiracy. How much do I care? Not much. Do other people?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Chow Cow

Of course I didn't go to the gym. I am so out of the gym loop. I suck. I hate myself for it. So I eat. I'm eating pretzels now. Butts. My fave instructor at the gym has changed her Monday class to something I think I'll like, so maybe I'll go next Monday. We shall see.

Someone asked where the pic of me with the Pop-tart box is from. Matt and I went to the Kellogg's place in Battle Creek, MI this summer. It was a rip off. You had to pay to get in, and for every other thing, and the tour was a fake. Nothing was even made there. And all they gave us when we left was a mini box of Frosted Flakes. The Spam museum was ay better- and free. How I do love life on the road...

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Glassy Assy

Yesterday I went to a Young Adult Literature Conference (as a librarian, not as an author). It was in Naperville, which, with no traffic, is an hour away from my house. About 3/4 of the way there, nearing a toll area, a rock flew from the back of a truck into my sunroof (which was closed). I looked up, and the sunroof was completely shattered. I closed the cover and crossed about 80 lanes to get to an oasis that was approaching (For those who don't know, an oasis is a roadside place with fast food, bathroom, gas station, etc. Very handy). I pulled in and looked at my sunroof, way frazzled. I was hoping someone would come over and ask if everything was OK, but no one did. There were some guys filling their truck with gas, so I went over and asked if they could look at the sunroof. I wanted to know if they thought it was still OK to drive. I don't know where they were from- they spoke to each other in another language, possibly Russian or French (I know, they sound nothing alike)- and one of the guys came over and said I would have to smash all of the glass in or else it would fall on my head. He wanted me to do this myself. When I made a face like I was afraid, he said he'd help me. So there we were, in my car smashing the sunroof out, shards of glass falling all over. When we finished the guy left, and he didn't even want any money. SOOOOO nice. I spent the next half hour vacuuming my car out. Then I cried. I was happy to have so much luck (for not getting hurt) and help, and it was really scary to think about all of the things that could have happened. So I went to the conference. But I wasn't in the mood. So I didn't really talk to anyone authorly people who I could have kibitzed with because my editor has worked with them, plus Matt just finished illustrating a book for one of the authors. When the reader's theater started, I decided I wasn't in the mood to hear a story and I drove home. And then it rained. All of the way home. Into my broken sunroof. It didn't get in the car, but it soaked the fabric. What a day.
Did you know there is caffeine in Jelly Bellys? I don't know if it's every bean or just the cappuccino. Crap. I better stop eating them in the evening.
Tomorrow is Yom Kippur, and I will spend the day revising the ending to my novel. I thought the process was over, but, alas, it goes on. I hope I do an OK job. I also hope I finish. I suppose it's a form of atoning?