Sunday, October 22, 2006

TV Stinkbombs

Hello. I am disillusioned by the poo on TV these days. I still miss Buffy. I'm trying to watch the Gilmore Girls, but I don't love Lorelei. Why is she still so immature? How can she lose Luke and fall in love with her (very gay-ish) ex so soon? And what is up with Degrassi? Does anyone out there watch the new episodes (Beth?)? Darcy is a skank Christian Ho. She was all righteous, and now she's taking off her clothes for internet pervs? I watched an online mini doc about filming that episode, and there were all of these old dudes filming this teenage girl stripping. How do they sleep at night knowing they're making, essentially, kiddie porn? They probably sleep quite nicely, actually.

Project Runway- blah. Jeffrey is a butt. None of them were all that interesting, although I liked Uli's clothes. They better make next season a nice season or I'm walking away. No more Runway for me. But what then? Oh! And for some reason, the Milwaukee episodes of Antiques Roadshow (which I will hopefully be on)are not going to air until FALL 2007!!! That makes no sense! Milwaukee was not the last stop on the tour, so why is it pushed back until the next season? Click here for the weird details:

Matt and I are off to a pumpkin farm today in Wisconsin. I love that we live so close to another state. It feels like we're on vacation. Too bad it's so crud out. Oh well.


Hannah said...

I had checked the Antique Roadshow listing to see when your episode would be on. That stinks that it is going to be so long from now.

I knew Jeffrey would win. Not because I like his attitude but because I knew the judges would like him. I liked Uli's collection the best.

Tracy said...

I don't watch Degrassi but I saw a bit of it while flipping through the channels recently. Maybe I'm out of touch with the younger generations, though I think I always was, because I was taken back by the bedroom scene with two teenagers. Definitely an "ugh" moment. Like thinking our my parents having sex, I just don't want to see teenagers doing it either. Though, someone, it's OK if 25-40 year-ol playing a teenager doesn't seem to bother me. Hmmm.