Thursday, October 26, 2006

Gay Office

The gay episode of The Office is on now. It's a painful one. The kiss scene. Ugh. This seems to be a re-runny week for TV shows. Degrassi is also a rerun.

This week I received my manuscript back with copyeditor marks all over it. What a crazy job. It made me feel like a moron to see all of the mistakes I made. It was also funny to see how many words I made up that we she to figure out how to spell. Perhaps I should make the Julie dictionary.
Matt is sitting next to me clapping with laughter as Oscar and Michael kiss. The best part of watching The Office is watching Matt watch it.

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tracy said...

No need to feel embarrased about the editing. See all the mistakes I made on my previous entry (Degrassi comment). Spell check has ruined me.