Monday, June 03, 2013


Last week I saw one of my midwives, and I asked her if there were any things I should bring with me to the hospital when it's time to give birth. I'm alternating between being overly tired and panic mode; having my first child so early has made where I am now (35.5 weeks) stressful. I like to deal with things head-on, so it's weird to just have to wait. When will the baby come? Who knows? So weird. But that's not what this post is about. Last time around, I was over-prepared with a giant packed bag of DVDs when I left for the hospital. I assumed I would pass the time during labor by watching episode after episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. However, the DVD player in the birthing room was broken (so they told me), and who can focus on a TV when they're contracting? This time around, my midwife suggested I bring relaxing music. But, really, what's relaxing music? Kenny G? Sarah McLachlan? Holistic food store flute music? Who wants to listen to that shit while their body is squeezing out a person? And who wants that to be the first sound their baby hears when he comes out? Not me. My iPod is mainly filled with music to distract me while running, and I somehow don't think Ke$ha or Slayer will be the right choice for birth music. I'll probably tote some Buffy DVDs, maybe a little Northern Exposure, some Supernatural. It's about happiness and distraction, right? And I'll be keeping my eyes on the prize: that big-ass piece of cake I'm going to devour after my gestational diabetes goes away. And, you know, that cute, little, Ke$ha/Buffy/Slayer-loving baby boy.