Saturday, February 21, 2009


Wow. Do you all hate me for never blogging anymore? It's just, now I am back at work, where I can't really blog. And then when I'm home, I want to snuggle with Romy and feel guilty being on the computer. You know what I'm doing right now? Sitting with a keyboard AND baby on my lap. She was sleeping, but she's awake again. Nevermind. Back asleep. I seem to have that effect on her. She eats, then falls asleep. My mom and Matt have all of these stories about her laughing, and I seem to miss that. She would rather be sleeping with me around.

I am waiting to hear more about the book cover for Into the Wild Nerd Yonder. I have three amazing cover choices, which can and will probably be tweaked a bit, but I don't know when the final decision gets made. I am going to ask the designer if I'm allowed to share the options. I'm guessing not, but if so, I'll post them.

Now to blog about my favorite jeans store, Buckle. I tried blogging about them about a year ago, but apparently that was during my Harry Potter intense phase (remember that? Was I insane?) and I didn't have time. So here's the story. For those who don't know, Buckle is a mall store that sells trendy, higher end jeans. They have a seamstress that they pay outside of the store to shorten jeans-- for free! An amazing service for those of us on the short side. I already have two pairs of great jeans from them, and they actually do fit since I had Romy (I was lucky to lose most of my baby weight. I'm just a little more muffin-toppy than I once was and am hoping to fix that when I have more time this summer. Yeah, right.), but I wanted some new jeans for going back to work. I bought two pairs of Big Star jeans, which is a brand that I remember from college. Some friend of mine had a pair that we used to share, just like the Sisterhood! [speaking of- did you see the second movie? I LOVED it!] Being too long, I had to get both pairs shortened. Once I got them home after shortening, I instantly took off the tags, washed them, and even wore one pair to work. But when I put them on (the one pair that I wore to work), they were short. Like, even with flats, still a little short. Slightly wearable, but not great. So I tried on the second pair, and they were SUPER SHORT. Floods! I was so pissed and freaked out that I just spent $200 on jeans and then I couldn't wear them. So I went to Buckle after work yesterday, and the manager was really frustrated because I was the 2nd person that day to bring jeans back because of the crappy seamstress! They let me return them (I am totally scared now that I didn't wash them after I wore them. What if they stink?), and helped me buy two new pairs. They were sooooo nice to me, again! Always! I think that is the best store I have ever been to in my life. Because, even me being a 34 year-old librarian (albeit a super cute and styley one), they never act like I'm too old or dorky to be buying their jeans. Huzzah to Buckle! Just don't tell them I said Huzzah. Cause then maybe they will think I'm too dorky.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Going Back

Well, it is almost here. I go back to work in less than a week. It's crazy to think that three months have passed. I am semi OK with it because I have a nasty case of cabin fever. I wish we could take Romy out, but we're being REALLY careful because she was a preemie and preemies don't have developed immune systems. This is also why I am so hellbent on breastfeeding her. It helps build up all sorts of immunities. But, lo and behold, Romy is allergic to something in my breast milk. So if I want to keep breastfeeding, I have to cut out all dairy and soy. Which maybe wouldn't be a problem for some people, but considering I am mainly a vegetarian and eat TONS of soy and ice cream and cheese, this is REALLY HARD. I have only been doing it for a few days, but I am struggling to find good stuff to eat. I now have breakfast covered with rice milk (my day is nothing without a good bowl of cereal), but the rest of the day is a lot harder. Hopefully I only have to do it for three months. The doctor said at six months she may already be fine with things. We shall see...

IN cool, bookish news, here is an article about librarians who are also authors featured in the new issue of VOYA magazine. I wonder if I had sent a bigger picture of myself if I would have ended up in those little blocks of people pictures. Hee hee. Anyway, it's a great article, and I think I sound funny. The only poop is that it lists my old book title for my new book (because I didn't know the actual title at the time of the interview). So it's not Roll for Initiative anymore. It's Into the Wild Nerd Yonder! Oh yeah! I am still patiently awaiting pictures of the cover from the most awesome designer, Rich Deas. He designed the cover for Get Well Soon, and also many other very greatly-covered books. I can't wait to see it!