Saturday, February 21, 2009


Wow. Do you all hate me for never blogging anymore? It's just, now I am back at work, where I can't really blog. And then when I'm home, I want to snuggle with Romy and feel guilty being on the computer. You know what I'm doing right now? Sitting with a keyboard AND baby on my lap. She was sleeping, but she's awake again. Nevermind. Back asleep. I seem to have that effect on her. She eats, then falls asleep. My mom and Matt have all of these stories about her laughing, and I seem to miss that. She would rather be sleeping with me around.

I am waiting to hear more about the book cover for Into the Wild Nerd Yonder. I have three amazing cover choices, which can and will probably be tweaked a bit, but I don't know when the final decision gets made. I am going to ask the designer if I'm allowed to share the options. I'm guessing not, but if so, I'll post them.

Now to blog about my favorite jeans store, Buckle. I tried blogging about them about a year ago, but apparently that was during my Harry Potter intense phase (remember that? Was I insane?) and I didn't have time. So here's the story. For those who don't know, Buckle is a mall store that sells trendy, higher end jeans. They have a seamstress that they pay outside of the store to shorten jeans-- for free! An amazing service for those of us on the short side. I already have two pairs of great jeans from them, and they actually do fit since I had Romy (I was lucky to lose most of my baby weight. I'm just a little more muffin-toppy than I once was and am hoping to fix that when I have more time this summer. Yeah, right.), but I wanted some new jeans for going back to work. I bought two pairs of Big Star jeans, which is a brand that I remember from college. Some friend of mine had a pair that we used to share, just like the Sisterhood! [speaking of- did you see the second movie? I LOVED it!] Being too long, I had to get both pairs shortened. Once I got them home after shortening, I instantly took off the tags, washed them, and even wore one pair to work. But when I put them on (the one pair that I wore to work), they were short. Like, even with flats, still a little short. Slightly wearable, but not great. So I tried on the second pair, and they were SUPER SHORT. Floods! I was so pissed and freaked out that I just spent $200 on jeans and then I couldn't wear them. So I went to Buckle after work yesterday, and the manager was really frustrated because I was the 2nd person that day to bring jeans back because of the crappy seamstress! They let me return them (I am totally scared now that I didn't wash them after I wore them. What if they stink?), and helped me buy two new pairs. They were sooooo nice to me, again! Always! I think that is the best store I have ever been to in my life. Because, even me being a 34 year-old librarian (albeit a super cute and styley one), they never act like I'm too old or dorky to be buying their jeans. Huzzah to Buckle! Just don't tell them I said Huzzah. Cause then maybe they will think I'm too dorky.

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