Sunday, February 25, 2007

Office Lowdown

So what does everyone think of last night’s Office? It’s weird, but I don’t think most of my friends watch the same TV shows that I do. I think it’s because they have mega cable, and I do not. I am not liking Jim lately. I used to like him a lot, and even had dreams with him, but he’s just a wishy-washy, camera-looking, sports-loving dude. We knew Pam’s guy (whose name escapes me) was a butt, and I liked his violent streak that made Pam leave him. It made sense. I hope he does kick Jim’s ass. He needs a little shaking up.

It’s supposed to snow again this weekend. I am happy it’s the weekend because that means I don’t have to drive to work and spend two hours each way in the car, but I still don’t want to deal. I’m ready for spring.

I’m excited to get Sunday’s newspaper (although they didn’t deliver it last Sunday. I didn’t call, though. I probably should have). It will have ads for sales on the new Sims 2 Seasons- out Tuesday!!! I’m very excited. I wish I didn’t have to work so I could play all day long. Next weekend, I suppose.

PS I wrote this before the weekend, but forgot to post it until Sunday night.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Love ya, Brit!

It has been a four-day weekend, yet instead of feeling happy and rested, I feel tired and poo-ish. Today I have been working on my new webpage all day, which is kind of boring (not the webpage, just the designing and building). I have a bunch of stuff to write and upload before I can put the page up, but I am uninspired. Kind of a bummer.

So what does everyone think of Britney and the shaved head? I don’t know why, but I remain devoted to Spears. Even after the hideous TV show that was ''Chaotic." She's really messed up right now. And two kids? Weird. It must be awful to not have any privacy. When you see pictures of famous people on a beach or something, and then they show a picture of the paparazzi following them- how can you live like that? Poor Spears. I like her new hair. It's better than all of her nubby extensions and bad color jobs. I hope the kid can get it together. I like her strange, robotic singing voice and her awesome dance moves. And I hate to think of the icky, pompous Justin Timberlake making fun of her. You can do it, Britney!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Super Tonio!!!!

I am in love with this story. I don't know why this is so funny to me. I really think it's all in the name- Super Tonio! He was born 14 and a half pounds. The articles fail to show me pictures of the mom. Was she also ginormous? What is Super Tonio going to turn into as a kid? As an adult? Is he going to be one of those mega eating babies on Maury? Does anyone else think Maury is a freak lover?

And how about these photos of Daniel Radcliffe in the buff? That's Harry Potter to you and me, Rusty. Note the horse. And the descriptionon of the play the pics are from: "The Tony-Award-winning drama tells the story of a stable-hand who has an erotic fixation with horses." Mr. Potter!

And that'’s today'’s important news.