Sunday, February 25, 2007

Office Lowdown

So what does everyone think of last night’s Office? It’s weird, but I don’t think most of my friends watch the same TV shows that I do. I think it’s because they have mega cable, and I do not. I am not liking Jim lately. I used to like him a lot, and even had dreams with him, but he’s just a wishy-washy, camera-looking, sports-loving dude. We knew Pam’s guy (whose name escapes me) was a butt, and I liked his violent streak that made Pam leave him. It made sense. I hope he does kick Jim’s ass. He needs a little shaking up.

It’s supposed to snow again this weekend. I am happy it’s the weekend because that means I don’t have to drive to work and spend two hours each way in the car, but I still don’t want to deal. I’m ready for spring.

I’m excited to get Sunday’s newspaper (although they didn’t deliver it last Sunday. I didn’t call, though. I probably should have). It will have ads for sales on the new Sims 2 Seasons- out Tuesday!!! I’m very excited. I wish I didn’t have to work so I could play all day long. Next weekend, I suppose.

PS I wrote this before the weekend, but forgot to post it until Sunday night.

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Elizabeth Fithian said...

You are the third person today that has written me about The Office. I am not a current viewer but I think I better set my TiVo.

Julie - Congratulations! Awesome site.