Monday, March 05, 2007

TV Glug

What is the deal with TV boring the crap out of me? American Idol must STOP. Why does it have to be on three nights a week? Why must my husband watch at least two of those nights? It’s so boring to me now. I need more of a distraction these days. Monday nights are the best night on TV, followed by Thursday. Mondays have Antiques Roadshow (which I watch at 7:00 on Milwaukee Public Television) and then Girlfriends at 8:00. I freakin’ love Girlfriends. I have been watching it for years. I love the characters, think it’s mega funny, and like how realistically they deal with certain things. I don’t miss Tony Childs at all. She was nasty and mean. Gorgeous, though. I hope there’s a new episode on tonight.

Thursday nights on NBC are half and half for me. I do not care for My Name is Earl. It may be the Jason Lee/Scientology connection, but I am also disgusted by Earl’s brother, Randy. And not at all in a funny way. He’s just stupid and gross. I love The Office, but then Scrubs annoys me. JD is also icky, but in a whinier, wussier way than Randy. I love Turk and Carla, so sometimes I watch. My new fave show is 30 Rock. I have always loved Tracy Morgan (the Halpern women think he’s HILARIOUS), and the show is just really funny. Last week’s episode had me howling. Tracy Morgan as Oprah? Now that’s comedy!

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