Thursday, August 24, 2006


I am trying really hard (ie. not very hard) to work on my novel revision, but Roseanne is on. I just love this show. It's realistic and funny and sad. John Goodman is truly my favorite actor. This is my last day of freedom (my work contract starts tomorrow), so I might as well get rid of my guilt. If that were only possible.

Sooooo- Project Runway. Last night's show was very upsetting. I think it was a bad idea for the producers to bring family members on the show, and even worse for them to make others design for them. People were mean, and no one's family members need to see their children being insulted by obnoxious design people. It took away a lot of the show's fun. They better make up for it next week.

Tobin is on my lap, purring while I type this. I will definitely miss this when I go back to work. He is so mellow and sweet in the morning. At night, he gets the crazy attack bites. Today will also be my last day of official vacation hang-out time with my mom. We have had such a wonderful time together this summer. We even went to the Jelly Belly Factory in Wisconsin! It was tasty and fun. I bought Matt roasted garlic flavored jelly beans (which I later regretted because they made his breath smell like a garlic tire. I forced him to brush, floss, and use Listerine that night).

I am now going to turn off the TV for a half hour so I can work on my book. Can I do it???

Monday, August 21, 2006

Traveling Blues

I miss Toronto. I think I just miss the freedom of the road. That sounds so cheesy, doesn't it? I look at cars with out of state license plates, and I feel jealous. I do have to admit though that I am getting excited about going back to work. I have some redesigning of the library to do. And I can't wait to see my kids again. Woo woo!

So I've been looking up plane fares. First: Toronto. Cheap! About $200. Perhaps a long weekend in October? Second: Greenville, SC where Matt and I go to visit his family every year. Over $350!!! Whatever! How can that be? And if we want to go from O'Hare to G-ville to my parents' house in Florida, then home again- over $700 a ticket!!! I could go to Europe for that. What is going on? Is it the gas? Supply and demand? Oy.

Today was a mega eating day. I had a taffy apple, which was OK. I couldn't concentrate on it since I was watching TV. I should have savored it. Speaking of TV- how amazing is Roseanne? Definitely my favorite sitcom of all time. I will miss the morning double feature when I have to go back to work.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Degrassi Dreams

I seriously cannot stop thinking about moving to Degrassi Street. Am I psycho? Is it because I am in the weird window between the end of summer and school starting and I need something to fixate on? But I'm already fixated on revising my novel and redecorating the library and... Wait. Maybe I'm not at all fixated on those things, or at least I'm trying hard not to fixate on them, and so I'm fixating on a wonderful fantasy, a la Degrassi Street?

Toronto was so wonderful. Matt and I are already talking about going back. Every restaurant is vegetarian friendly, the transportation is so easy (albeit not cheap), and the cable TV is funny. What more could one ask for in a city?

So who has seen Snakes on a Plane? I would like to see it in the theaters, as I think it will be a nice item to talk about with my students. We'll see if I can convince Matt.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

There's No Oprah on Degrassi Street

I’m watching Oprah (which has to do more damage than good), and there are these kids on who hate themselves and the way they look. Some of them are three years old! The whole theory that Oprah’s therapy lady believes is that you automatically pass all of your bullshit through the womb as you have a baby, so the only way not to pass stuff on (like self-hatred, weight issues, etc.) is to get rid of it before you have a baby. Whatever! Who the hell can do that?

In more realistic news, I plan to someday move to Degrassi Street in Toronto. It was so perfect and beautiful and magical. Matt and I already looked up house prices, and we feel that someday we may be able to afford it. Canada, here we come! Maybe.

I have a lot to say about my recent road trip to Toronto, but I have to work on the revisions of my novel before I go back to work (next week!!!). More later!

Oh- and if you’re posting comments (thank you!!!) will you please either sign in with a funny code name so I know who’s posting or just put your name? I feel weird with the “anonymous” thing.


Friday, August 04, 2006

Vase photos!

Here are some pics of the Roadshow (see below story) vase. They are pretty bad pics, as the light was behind the vase. But I don't want to unwrap it again, so this is it.

Fashion Face-Off LOSER

I have been watching Project Runway sine its first season (aren't I so cutting edge?), although I only got into the Bravo website about half way through last season. They have a very fun little game called "Fashion Face-Off" where you get to drag the outline of one of the designers onto a "winner" and "loser" stand, to guess who is going to win and who will be "out" next week. I have not gotten a single guess correct! Why am I so bad at this? It's like instant lottery tickets-- I always buy them, and I (almost) always lose. Why? I should totally win sometimes. It would be fun to win. Ah well. Burn to the Runway bastard Keith, ay? He was so greasy and cocky. I loved that he was kicked off. I don't like when they have evil on the show. I don't have a favorite yet, but I like the Barbie guy, Robert Best, and Kayne (I was so proud to see his dress at the Miss Universe Pageant). Michael Knight seems very cool, and I'm glad they finally showed him talking this week. He has barely said a word in previous episodes.

Something just clanked in one of my kitchen cabinets while I was nowhere near. Why does that happen? Scary. I am now going to go outside and tan for an hour. I will do it, of course, wearing 30 spf sunblock, but I feel like I have to have a small tan at least when I go back to work. Cheesy, I know.