Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays! I have been meaning to blog for a while now. I keep writing blogs in my head in the middle of the night while feeding Romy, but I’m too tired to actually type it up. Then I forget everything I wanted to write about the next day. I remember thinking one was particularly funny about daytime TV, since I am watching so much of it while I’m home on maternity leave. I wanted to write about how bland and annoying Drew Carey is on Price is Right. There was this clip on TMZ about how a man recently guessed EXACTLY the price of the item that got him up on stage. And then he guessed EXACTLY the right price for his showcase. It was amazing! And all Drew did was blandly stare at the camera. What’s up with him? And he’s oddly obsessed with the military people who come on the show. I don’t like him. I would have screamed my head off if that win happened! I love that kind of stuff. I have a DVD version of the game that I brought to work last year, and I played it with my students. They totally found my excitement contagious. And that’s Drew’s problem. He’s bringing the whole show down.

In other news, I have more cavities. You may remember that I had two while I was pregnant. This actually has something to do with pregnancy, like with the hormones and the calcium and stuff. I hadn’t had a cavity since I was little, so it was quite shocking. Those cavities were discovered at a routine dental appointment, but now I have one that HURTS. And I’m all scared that I’m going to have a root canal. We’ll see. Of course it’s Christmas, so I can’t get into a dentist at least today or tomorrow. Maybe longer. And I’m eating Jelly Bellies to help seal the deal. But like I said, it’s because of the baby. Not my fault. 

In book news, I’m on the final leg of my new novel, officially titles, “Into the Wild Nerd Yonder.” I have to write the acknowledgments and dedication, read through it and see if I want to change anything else. I kind of hate that option. Cause really, I could probably change A LOT, since what I wrote originally was done a long time ago. But you can only go changing things for so long. I’m super stoked to see what Rich Deas, the awesome designer, will come up with for the cover. And I am working on a tagline that goes something like this, “A book about friendship, betrayal, and going over to the dorkside.” Or something like that. What would the correct phrase be, instead of “going over?” Maybe I’ll have some more candy to fire up my brain.

Monday, December 08, 2008


You have to say this blog title like the mom in "Better Off Dead" says it to the French exchange student. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, nevermind.

So being home with the baby is great, but sometimes I get a little obsessive about checking my Facebook. I randomly decided I wanted to set up a seventeen year high school reunion, because we didn't have a fifteen and I was, ahem, the head of my ten year reunion committee. This would strike anyone strange who ever knew me because I was sort of a nobody in high school. I had my small group of close friends, some outer circle artsy friends, got along nicely with the smart kids in my classes, and remained pretty much anonymous with anyone else. But for some reason I like seeing what everyone is up to. And Facebook has been really fun for that. The funny thing is, as I typed up a database of everyone in my class (yes, I AM a librarian), names kept popping up where I was like, "Oh, that person. I forgot about them. Ug." My class had over 400 people in it, so there are plenty of people to like. But it's funny how, until I saw their names, I forgot about all of those people I didn't like. Oh well. It's not like they'll even remember who I am.

In other friends news, I have this great Facebook friendship with a girl I went to high school with named Joyce, who I wasn't even friends with in high school. We weren't enemies; we just weren't really on each other's radars at all. We write to each other every day, though, and she is helping me plan the reunion. I will plug her awesome ETSY site again here.

And she pointed out the hilarity of this picture of Romy and Tobin and how it looks like a piece from the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. See if you can figure it out.