Friday, November 17, 2006

Flushy Weekend

So who watched "The Office" last night? I do really like that show- like the way it makes me cringe. I think Stanley is my favorite character. But last night, the whole Jim, Pam, and the new girl thing was not fun. Matt's theory was that Jim still likes Pam, but wants to like the other girl because she likes him so much. And he wants to hurt Pam. Guys.

This weekend we're going to go see "Flushed Away." Every time I see the little slugs in the preview sing "Everybody Dance Now" I laugh.

My novel is almost in its complete form. Sort of. I mean, I still can go through it and decide to change something, but it's getting ready for its final form. Matt is almost done with the cover illustration, although they have to tell him what colors and lettering they'd like him to use. I'm voting for the brighter colors, but I always am.

I went to Oilily yesterday because they were having a sale. It's my favorite store. I was a little disappointed. I bought a couple things (OK, I will admit that my mom bought them for me. Thanks, Mom!), but I wanted to buy more. They are using too many itchy fabrics. I can pretty much only wear cotton, because other things make me itchy and rashy. Speaking of, I have these three red dots on my upper arm. Sexy.

It's 6:50 in the morning, and I should get to work.

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