Monday, November 13, 2006

Pie Me

Are there any other Baker's Square fans out there? Matt and I go there almost once a week. I'm not kidding. My favorite dish is the slow-roasted turkey focaccia, dressing on the side. Sometimes I get coleslaw, sometimes fries. Mmmmmm. Matt gets the patty melt, substitute a Boca patty. And always fries. And a Coke. I don't know why it's so good, but it is. The food is fresh, and the service is almost always super-pleasant. And then there's the pie. I never eat pie (except at Christmas-time when we visit Matt's family and it is one of the only non meat-based items. Yeah, I know I eat turkey, but I'm really picky otherwise. I won't eat cows. Or chickens cause they're all veiny. Back to the pie-), except at Baker's Square. Remember when it was called the Poppin Fresh Pie House? My family still calls it that. The best pie they sell is a rare pie called , um, crap, I forgot. But it's really good. I never get fruit pies, unless pumpkin is a fruit. I like me some pumpkin pie. And French silk. And caramel something supreme. And the peanut butter chocolate one.

You know, when I was writing this in my head last night it was a lot funnier. Oh well. At least I got to talk about pie.


Nina said...

I like any kind of chocolate pies, and cheesecake if you want to classify it as a pie. It seems more pie than cake. I'm not a big fan of fruit pies unless it is fresh pie with fresh fruit. Not canned fruit. And of course its better hot with ice cream.

Michelle said...

Not a fan of "fruit pies"???? Julie, are you telling us that you're married to a southern boy and you haven't learned to adore peach cobbler? Try a piece of homemade peach cobbler (with REAL southern peaches) warm, right out of the oven, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream (homemade, of course) and you'll become a fan of fruit pies. "S"