Monday, February 04, 2008

Musical Drives

Every time I’m driving to work, I think that my iPod would make great blog fodder. So today I’m finally going with it. Now that I’m off the YALSA Audiobooks Committee, I actually have the luxury of listening to music when I want to. Occasionally I’ll listen to an entire album, but more often than not I put on the ol’ Shuffle feature. The funny thing is that I skip probably 75% of the songs, and I stop on favorites depending on my mood. This morning I was feeling more eclectic and open-minded than usual (sometimes I just want happy songs or sad songs or Hip Hop or metal). So here is a list of the songs I listened to today on the way to work:

Legal Tender – B-52’s

Under Pressure – Queen and David Bowie

Hot for Teacher – Van Halen

Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want – The Smiths

The Door Into Summer – The Monkees

If We Wait – Guided By Voices

Radar – Britney Spears

Walk - Pantera

Pink Houses - John Mellencamp

On most days I probably would have skipped the B-52’s and Mellencamp songs, but today I enjoyed them. What about you guys? How do you use like your music served?


Kaleb said...

Ha! You sound like me. I have 274 songs on my Sansa and I skip most of them. It all depends on what I'm into listening to at right that moment.
Today I was into Avril Lavigne, a little Jack Johnson, the Nightmare Before Christmas, and the Lemony Snicket movie soundtrack. Quite a blend...

AnnaV said...

I have music ADD. Unless its one of my favorite songs, or it's really hittin the spot, I usually can't listen to more than a minute of it.

I made a mix called "the best mix ever created" and i shuffle through that one. lately i've been obsessed with Jason Schwartzmann's "band" called Coconut Records, and the Soundtrack to Juno.

Random: Since you asked me about Swing State you might find this funny (although it freaks the hell outa me) but the owner of that fine establishment has been stalking me via myspace and has attempted to ask me out twice. i told him i was way too young, but that didnt seem to deter him. my life=awesome.

Julie H said...

Kaleb-- I have a student who's way into soundtracks. he brings his iPod and portable speaker to Dungeons and Dragons Club and plays appropriate music as we play.

Anna-- I MUST email you separately about this Swing State situation...
And I am so right there with you with the music ADD- perfect way to describe it. The only reason I blogged this list is because it was a strange day where I actually listened to the WHOLE songs.