Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Ringing and Singing

Man. We got SO MUCH SNOW today. Our town was hit way worse than a lot of places South of us, and apparently the town is out of salt for the roads. Frightening. At least a foot fell, and looking at our outdoor table, I'd say eighteen inches. But definitely at least a foot. Surprisingly, the Fed-Ex guy made it to our door (and then got stuck outside at the bottom of our driveway) and delivered our brand new cell phones! I am the last person on Earth to want a new cell phone. It just seems like a waste if I have one that works well. And my Nokia worked well for a long time, but lately the reception hasn't been as good, and phantom, flashing icons keep randomly appearing on the screen. AT&T had a fab deal online for free flip phones- and mine is pink!- so Matt and I decided it was time. But our ancient phones did have a good run. The thing that's upsetting me is that with the new phone there are no more polyphonic (or monophonic? What is even lower than poly? Cause that's what my old phone had) ringtones. Now I have to choose a real song, which just isn't as funny. I liked the old Casio sounds. Now I have to find a song that is unique and sounds good and says Julie. But what is that? I was hoping for the Buffy theme song, but I don't want to go to some random site and then get junk texts forever (since they don't have it at AT&T). I may go with Van Halen's "Hot for Teacher." I love the song, and it sounds good in phone form. We'll see. It's a huge decision. I will miss my old 90210 theme song. Sniff. But speaking of Van Halen, the absolute funniest thing I have ever heard is on You Tube. I have always thought that Van Halen's "Running with the Devil" is hilarious because David Lee Roth will NOT SHUT UP the entire song. It's beyond comical. Well, someone else thought so, too, because they stripped away all of the music and have a clip of just the DLR part. I can't stop laughing. Crying, actually. Genius.

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Anonymous said...

J got really mad at me for making him listen to DLR...but he's laughing. Hah!