Monday, February 25, 2008

Audio and Oscars

So the Oscars. I have little to say, except that I'm thrilled the song from Once won for best song. So incredibly beautiful and a joy to watch the two of them perform it at the Academy Awards. What was the deal with those awful songs from Enchanted, though? I haven't seen the movie, though I'm sure I'll like it enough, but those songs were HIDEOUS. Generic and bland and not funny or clever. Am I wrong? Would I think differently if I saw the movie? But kudos to Amy Adams for getting up and singing, alone on stage (why did they torture her like that?), in front of all of those people. Seriously brave.

I found out some fantastic news today (that I'm really not sure if I'm supposed to share or not, but it's super cool so I'm sharing)-- Mandy Siegfried is reading the Get Well Soon audiobook for Listening Library! She is so fantastic and has read a couple of my faves. I think she will be wonderful as Anna. How cool! Here's a clip of her reading Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli:

My very own audiobook! A dream come true! Perhaps I can get Amy Adams to sing a song about it...


Mary Burkey said...

Wow, Julie! What terrific news. I am so thrilled for you! I can't wait to hear Get Well Soon - and to have you autograph it for me someday.

Your fellow headphone-wearing audiobook pal,
Mary Burkey

Colleen said...

That's awesome!!! In a complete coincidence I am listening to The Boyfriend List that she reads. So far so good, she really captures the teenage girl spirit. This is so exciting, even though I thought it would be totally cool if you could read for the audiobook I look forward to listening to Mandy bring Anna to life.

Julie H said...

Mary- are you having audiobook withdrawal like I am? Or are you still kicking it on a committee?

I was planning on sending in my own audition tape, but things have been so busy, and recording would have requited leaving work for a little and flying and hotels and... I'm a little winter traveled out. It will be fun to hear how someone else reads it!

Mary Burkey said...

Hi Julie

Audiobook withdrawal is a serious issue for us addicts! The magic boxes full of new supplies no longer appear on my porch, but I have hope. I am Book Link Magazine's new (and first) audiobook columnist. So I am hoping to receive some review audiobooks soon! You'll appreciate the column's title: "Voices in My Head."

And I am sad that you aren't doing your book's narration - it is true that school does frown on us missing too many days ;-) But I am sure the Listening Library will create a fantastic production with Mandy Siegfried!

I'm home on another snow & ice day - and sad to be missing my scheduled after-school "book-into-movie" girls-only showing of Little Women.