Sunday, February 10, 2008

And the Champion is...

Me! Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am the gobstones champion of Hogwarts. I had to beat a lot of hardcore gobstones players (well, computer people in my HP game), but I finally did it. Now I can relax.

Matt and I saw National Treasure: Book of Secrets this weekend. I really liked it. The theater was packed, which is weird because it's been out for a while. Every time I go to the movies, though, there's always someone doing something idiotic and inconsiderate. This time it was a young couple (with a very young military guy in town from the local Navy base-- I always notice the Navy dudes who go to movies would rather talk to their girlfriends than watch a movie. Then why GO TO A MOVIE?), and they seemed to think they were on their couch watching a movie, so they could comment on everything. I was right next to them at first, until I moved to the other side of Matt. There could have been some serious movie theater rumbling going on. Anyway, the movie was fun and silly and light, people laughed, and it kept my attention. I wish there were more movies in theaters like that. I don't want to be saddened or made to think when I go to the movies; I just don't. And I was a film major in college, so I know it's not "cool" to think this way. Whatever.

Tina Turner is on the Grammys (Grammies?) right now, and she is dangerously close to dancing out of her silver top... I never watch this awards show. It's really boring to me, except for the outfits, but I can see those online. I just asked Matt whose hair is on Beyonce's head. He said, "Fergie's." He he.

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