Sunday, February 17, 2008


Does anyone watch the show Num3rs? I don't, but I titled the blog "Numbers," and it made me think. I am a huge Northern Exposure fan (and Fleischman is on Numb3rs), and I also like that other curly-haired guy on that show because he was in 10 Things I Hate About You. Anyway, not the point of this post...

I loved seeing what everyone thought I chose for my cell phone ring. The actual new ring is--- The Golden Girls! And I hate it! Not that I hate the GGs, but the ring is so boring. I thought it would be much funnier. I ordered a cord so I could connect my phone to my computer, and that works, but now I need a micro SD card so I have room to save songs to my phone. Then I can choose my ultimate ring. Click on this video clip to hear the ringtone I hope to use (Greatest Air Guitarist EVER. See my posts on my love of C-Diddy):

So, yeah, can't wait until that's my ring. Think of the hilarity every time I get a phone call!

In other numbery news, I have been checking on Amazon at least once a day to see how the ol' Get Well Soon is ranking, and for a couple of weeks now (at least) it's ranking goes up every single day! Does that mean someone is buying a copy every day? Does anyone know more about how this works?

In case anyone was wondering (I really don't know if you are), I have the blog option of labeling my posts (so it would have labels at the bottom of each post). I would like to do that, but there's a glitch that won't allow me to do it (I think. I actually haven't tried for a while). I'm reconsidering, though, because it would make it much easier for me to connect my posts (as in my frequent references to C-Diddy). It would be a huge project at this point, so maybe something to shoot for this summer.

It's sleeting out. February can suck it.

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