Friday, February 01, 2008

Snow Day!!!

I doubt there is a finer sound than the phone ringing at six o'clock in the morning signifying it's a snow day. Of course, I knew we had a snow day before the phone rang because I had been up since 5:25, getting ready to shovel (until Matt took over) and just about stepped into the shower when I decided to check my school district's website. Lo and behold-- snow day! They really should call us earlier. So many of us live far away from the school, and 6:00 is just about when some of us would have to leave to get to school when the weather is horrible. But how can I complain, really, since it's a snow day!!!

In other SUPER FANTASTIC news, I recently found out that I am receiving a Ken Award from the National Alliance on Mental Illness! It's quite a prestigious book award, considering some of its past winners--including Rick Moody, Jane Pauley, and Garry Trudeau! Check out these photos from last year's awards breakfast. This year's winners are:

Norman Doidge. The Brain That Changes Itself: Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science. Penguin.

Roy Richard Grinker. Unstrange Minds: Remapping the World of Autism. Basic Books.

Julie Halpern. Get Well Soon. Feiwel and Friends. (duh)

Elyn Saks. The Center Cannot Hold: My Journey Through Madness. Hyperion.

Kenneth Talan. Help Your Child or Teen Get Back on Track: What Parents and Professionals Can Do for Childhood Emotional and Behavioral Problems. Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

I will receive the award at The Yale Club on May 1 in NYC. W00t! (or however it is I'm supposed to spell that). I have to make a tiny acceptance speech, which I'm quiet nervous about considering the intellectual company. In fact, I believe very few children's books win this award, so I am definitely the odd gal out. No biggie. Everyone's a little odd, aren't they? And as a school librarian, I'm used to speaking in front of large groups. We'll see how I'm feeling closer to the date.

Now what to do with the snow day... Ah yes. The Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix game awaits. (I bet none of the other Ken winners are ranting about Harry Potter video games.) Happy snow day!


Colleen said...

Congratualtions!!! It sounds like a really meaningful award; you should be proud!

I am glad you got a snow day on Friday; it was really bad. I hate that the plows don't start to plow until it stops snowing. I understand the logic, but it's frustrating.

I know you're obsessed with Harry Potter right now, but if you ever get a chance to play MySims, you should. I rented it from my library for Nintendo Wii and it was hard to return. It is very addicting, especially if you are an original Sims fan.

Julie H said...

It's so funny. I actually own very few games because I get so into the ones I do own that I have no time to try other ones out. And I go through phases, although The Sims will always be my true game love. In the past I've gone through Zoo Tycoon, Titanic: The Game, and SimCity. How cool am I?