Monday, March 03, 2008


Sometimes my brain is blogless, or when it’s blog-full, I am nowhere near a computer. I was thinking about writing about my mini high school reunion I had on Saturday night with several people I only sort of knew from high school, but I don’t feel like that now. Forgive me if I’m repeating myself, but let’s talk about pet peeves. I thought of this because we had a “How well do you know your advisor” contest at work on Friday, and one of the things I had to answer was my pet peeve. My actual, numero uno pet peeve is incompetence, but that was too difficult for my students to remember. So they just used “driving and bad drivers.” My assistant, Katie, and I played a guessing game today where I had to guess her pet peeve, with the clue that it was something that happened to her at Wal-Mart this weekend. I came out with a flood of guesses: the person ahead or behind her not using the divider stick; someone writing a check and not getting out the checkbook and filling it out ahead of time; “This line is closed;” when you get all of your stuff out onto the belt and then the person in front of you does something that makes the cashier turn on his flashing help light, etc. But Katie’s real pet peeve was when they only bag one item per bag and waste bags. I didn’t guess that. Another one of her pet peeves is bobbleheads in the back of cars. Who knew?

So what are your pet peeves?

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