Monday, March 10, 2008

Daylight Snoozing Time

I don't know if it was the time change or the Limited Edition Edy's Thin Mint ice cream I ate last night, but I just could not sleep. I'm thinking it may have been the ice cream, since I was awake almost ALL NIGHT, and then of course I fell asleep around 3:30, only to be awoken (correct verb tense?) two and a half hours later to the darkness. Sigh. It was getting lighter in the morning, but nooooo, they had to make it lighter at night. What's the point? I'm in bed anyway! I want it to be light when I get out of bed so the day seems hopeful, not light at night so I feel lame for being in my pajamas at 5:30 p.m. (which is how I am now, as the sun shines brightly outside.).

Has anyone been watching the new Degrassi episodes? If you're curious, check out full episodes on They have the best new plotline-- Jay pretending to be engaged to Manny! Two of my favorite characters, faking the love. It's great. Not so great is the always annoying Darcy, who decided to falsely accuse Mr. Archie Simpson (aka Snake) of coming on to her in order to hide her shame from being raped (not by said Snake) still hidden from earlier in the season. Luckily that got sort of cleared up in one episode, although she did tarnish the good name of Simpson (who actually tarnished it himself a while back when he made out with the trashy and terribly unprofessional principal, Ms. Hotsolokus). Um, do any of my blog readers watch the show, or am I just whistling Degrassi?


Anonymous said...

I've watched a couple of episodes of Degrassi, but the show is never on whenever I have the rare opportunity to turn on the TV. On a different subject, I finally finished reading GWS. It didn't take me that long in hours of reading time, but school has kept me pretty busy. I really liked it; it's not like anything I've read before, and Anna's voice was suprisingly funny and insightful. This year hasn't been very good and I think I sank into depression at some point, but It's hard to tell when it started and when it ended. Sorry about the comment being so long, I am not very good at writing concise thoughts, and even then I do not think I managed to convey my thoughts exactly right.

One last thing, if you don't mind: in about 3 weeks I will be taking a trip to Chigago with my school Orchestra. Is there anything you recomend as a must see during our transient visit?

Julie H said...

My absolute favorite place in the whole world is the Field Museum of Natural History. It's part of the Museum Campus, with the Shedd Aquarium and Adler Planetarium, so there's a lot to do in that area. Millennium Park is also pretty cool.

save the wildlife said...

i have never heard of Degrassi until this year.

save the wildlife said...

I HATE THE CHANGE TOO!!!!!!!! you lose an hour of sleep, in october everyone's happy beacause you get an extra hour of sleep, but they HAVE to go and change it beacause they want to annoy the heck out of everybody