Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Feva

Man, have I got Spring Fever. All I want to do is be silly and play Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on PS2 (given to me by my student, James, the same student who I am now devising an intricate system so that we may figure out our Hogwarts' houses). I am also planning my two whole days that I have in Toronto next week during vacation. It was somewhat of a last minute idea to go to Toronto, one of my fave cities on Earth. And you can bet that I will return to my home away from home, Degrassi Street. Matt and I are going to visit a couple of Canadian bookstores, since I have noticed that the Canadians have been quite receptive to Get Well Soon. Should be cool. Other than that, we already saw the majority of museums that we wanted to see last time we were there, so I think this time is going to be exploring and shopping and soaking in the Canadian goodness. Maybe trying to stalk a few members of the Degrassi cast (although I don't know how).

I am struggling to finish an interview with the great Kaleb Nation. The first question he asked me was to describe myself in ten words or less. I have answered all of his other questions (I actually finished weeks ago), but I just can't get this one! I've thought of many answers, including my favorite: "Kind of obsessed with Ron Weasley. Love my husband, too." But I don't feel quite right about that... What would you put if someone asked YOU that question? [You're not going to answer me, are you? Because the question's too hard, right?]


save the shires said...

i love spring to!!! i really like when you can smell all the flowers popping up all over the place.

save the shires said...

what is your'e favorite part of spring? (i accidently clicked publish this comment, and did not get to put this part in my previous comment)

TLH said...

ONLY 10 words? Wish I could help you out there but I can't get up in the morning without saying less than 50 myself. I guess he's looking for something creative. Or maybe he was traumatized by those 500 word school essays. Let us know what you come up with. And have a great time in Canada!

AnnaV said...

mine would be:
weirdo who loves birds, harry potter, plants and mechanical pencils.

also, swing state creepy guy left me alone! wahoo!

Julie H said...

My favorite part of spring is going on right now-- Spring Break!

And Anna-- we passed by Swing State tonight on the way to Las Palmas (which I think is making me sick). Matt asked me if you had heard anything from the guy recently. Glad to know you haven't!