Monday, March 31, 2008

Canadian Bookstores

Matt and I visited three great Toronto bookstores on our trip. I have pictures to upload, but my laptop is, well, on my lap, and I don't feel like getting up. They should be up later tonight or tomorrow.

The first store was a children's book store called The Flying Dragon Bookshop. It was in this super cute neighborhood where the residents really utilize their old fashioned downtown street filled with independently owned shops. We had lunch on the street. The store was buzzing the whole time we were there, so Matt and I didn't have tons of time to talk with its owners and workers (although I did manage to get in some Degrassi questions. One of the employees said she wasn't into the show, but she was with her friend, an obsessive fan, when they saw three Degrassi actors at a mall [three in one place?! Can you imagine?]). They were so kind and friendly and served us strawberries, cookies, and very tasty tea. I purchased a stack of Canadian YA books for my school library, which we mailed home after we left so we didn't have to carry them. It was a super pleasant place, and I hope we can go back someday.

The next store was another independent children's store called Mabel's Fables. It was two stories, bright and lovely. We talked with one of the owners a little about conferences that come through Toronto, but how I had yet to go to a conference there. Sure we be another nice excuse for me to end up back in the T.O. Matt and I both used the store's adorable bathroom.

The final store was a chain store, similar to Borders or Barnes and Noble, called Indigo. They were very nice there and had ten copies of Get Well Soon to sign! It was a quick visit, and I chatted with the children's manager while I signed. I mainly talked about the difference between the American Harry Potters vs. the Canadian (same as the British) versions. Did you know the British ones don't have drawings throughout the book? And then there's a weird "adult version," that just has dark covers. Wacky!

All in all, a wonderful, book-loving experience.

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