Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Snackin' in the Air

So this post is going to be about Midwest Airlines, as promised in my list of blogging items. We flew from Milwaukee to Toronto. Midwest Airlines promises freshly baked chocolate chip cookies on their flights, which we have joyously experienced firsthand, but our flight was at 7:40 in the a.m. Would they serve hot cookies then? The answer is no. However, they did give us Quaker Chewy Baked Apple granola bars. How many airlines give free food anymore? That almost made up for the nasty, crusty pleather seats left over from someone's rec room circa 1974. Oh well. I'd definitely fly with them again. Maybe a little later in the day, though, so I can get me some cookies. I wonder if they have some weird baking situation, since recipes sometimes say you have to adjust things according to altitude. Oh, the mysteries of Midwest.

Instead of posting the Canada bookstore pictures here, I'll just give you this link to Matt's blog where he posted the pics and made cute comments. Let me know what you think! I haven't heard from anyone in a while :(


Kaleb said...

great trip! I'd like to travel to Canada sometime. those bookstores look very unique!

Julie H said...

Thanks, Kaleb! I can always count on you for a comment :) You CAN visit these stores when your book comes out!!! Kaleb Nation: Canadian tour!

Tracers said...

Hey Jules! Looks like you had a fun trip. Like the name of The Flying Dragon. :) Is that a pickle in the last pic? Weird. Look forward to your next trip pix.