Sunday, April 06, 2008

Degrassi Spring Break Movie Recap and Tablecoths

Did you watch the Degrassi Spring Break Movie? While Entertainment Weekly gave the movie only a B-, I thought it was at least a B+, if not A- material. Perhaps it's because the "movie" (hardly a movie if it's only an hour long, which is exactly how long their normal double episodes are) mainly starred my two favorite Degrassi-ites, Jay and Manny. Jay was in top, charming form (and me saying this without him ever getting back to me about my trip to Canada), trying to woo Manny back after making a big mistake. I'm kind of having a hard time believing that they want to actually be engaged now (as opposed to their previous, fake engagement) because how many 18 year-olds want to be engaged? Seems a little silly. But I'll play along. Even the Peter/Darcy plot wasn't painful, and I loathe the two of them. All in all a Degrassi good time.

(as I have to buy plates and napkins and tablecloths for a baby shower we're throwing at work this week. Somehow I'm always on our school's "social committee," I guess because the whole goal of the committee is to make people get along and be happy, which is sort of one of my all-around goals. I have hit a snag, though, in that I was supposed to get purple and turquoise tablecloths (as determined by some members of the committee), and, alas, the place I went to has discontinued their turquoise tablecloths. I'm going to a different party store today, so let's hope I have better luck there. It would just be a horror if I couldn't find the turquoise! And what color should I buy instead? This kind of stuff stresses me out SO much, probably because, as much color as I wear, I'm not exactly one to feel adept at picking colors for other people. I'll let you know what happens. Better get shopping.


A fan said...

If you can't find the lavendar tablecloths, consider renting a couple.

I went through the same situation, offering up to help with the decorations for a shower. I searched for violet, couldn't find them anywhere, then called my local rental place and lo and behold. Got my tablecloths.

It might be a bit more costly but hey, you'll be saving a couple of trees and the cloth ones seem to impress everyone.

Tracy said...

Is there a theme to this shower? Or they just randomly picked colors? Lavender and French blue go well together. Or maybe yellow would pack a punch.

skybird said...

you could get a light blue and say that you thought it was turqoise.