Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Video on B&N!

So I was doing my weekly Yahoo! search for my name and book title, and I came upon this video at the Barnes and Noble website. It turns out the book-obsessed person they are interviewing this week happens to be the mother of the "Ken" that the Ken Book Award I will be receiving in May was named in memory of (did that phrasing make sense?). She talks about her books and the importance of the collection, and then she speaks specifically about a few titles, including mine and how it made it in the awards! So amazing to hear someone talk about my book that way. Had to share.


Kaleb said...

Haha! You have the same routine of googling and yahoo search. I signed up for Google Alerts and it emails me when someone mentions my name. I also search the Common Misspelling of my book, because people mistake that so ridiculously often.
Congrats on the award!

Julie H said...

For some reason, people can't spell or pronounce my last name. I don't think it's that hard. Maybe I should try that Google Alerts thing. Do they ever get it wrong?