Saturday, April 19, 2008

You're Going Down, Monchichi!

Matt somehow figured out how to fix his blog, but I messed mine up by deleting a bunch of stuff. So for now, the address has changed. I hope that hasn't messed people up and now they can't find my blog. We shall see!

I recently discovered that I distort memories of songs. For example, Matt and I have had this sort of bet going on for YEARS about the lyrics to the old Monchichi doll commercials (if you have no idea what I'm talking about, Monchichi was a monkey-like doll that had a tiny mouth hole that you could put its thumbs into. Why, I don't know.). I always swore that the lyrics were "Yum yum yum! Yum yum yum! It's Monchichi!" Matt claimed they were "Happy happy Monchici!" As you will see from the video below, I was not correct.

The next made-up song lyric came from the freaky old cereal commercial (yes, Matt and I often debate about old commercials. Don't you?) for the cereal Crispy Critters. This cereal is wrong in so many ways (why is it that we wanted to eat a cereal with the name "critters" in its title? And why would we want to eat the cereal after we saw this frightening ad?), but I swore the song went, "The good, nutritious cereal with lots of ca-runch." Matt thought the lyrics went, "The low sugar cereal, with lots of ca-runch." Once again, I am the loser. Be warned: watching this commercial may give you nightmares.

Lastly, when I lived in Australia, I used to watch their daily cheeseball soap, "Neighbours." I LOVED the corny theme song, and sing it to Matt often. However, I learned from watching about twenty different versions of the opening and closing credits (it's insane that people take the time to put this stuff up on Youtube in the first place. Yet I am grateful.), I made part of the song up! I could have sworn that at the end of the show there was a repeat (is that a coda? I can't remember the correct musical term, although if you watch the credits, I don't know if "musical" is the right word) of "Neighbours" where the guy sang, "Oooooh Neighbours." Yet in every example I watched, there was no oooooh! But I swear it was there! I'm chalking this one up to the fact that the ones posted on Youtube are from people in England. Maybe the Brits didn't like the oooooh and took it out. I can't always be wrong, can I?

STOP THE PRESSES! When I was going through the Youtube Neighbours stuff to find you a clip (I swear there are hundreds) I found it! I found the ooh! It really is more of an oooh than an ooooooh (slightly disappointing), but that means I didn't make it up! Take that, Monchichi! Enjoy this clip from the show (with a character named Toadfish-- you heard me right-- followed by the credits). And then try getting the song out of your head.


Skyebird said...

that cereal is deamening to critters everywhere!!

Megan said...

I'm pretty sure I ate Crispy Critters! If it was low sugar, that's probably why I was allowed to have it!