Saturday, April 05, 2008

Podcast Contest

It's time for a Get Well Soon giveaway contest! I hope all of my blog readers don't already have copies of the book, but here goes. The contest involves you posting a comment about podcasting. I have started to try and listen to two different Harry Potter podcasts: Mugglecast and Pottercast. I'm not sure how I feel yet. I suppose podcasts are like talk radio, which I don't often listen to, and I can't decide if I like it or not. I feel like I should always be doing something else while I do anything, so just sitting at my computer and listening to someone talk feels odd. I know I can download it to my ipod and listen to it while I drive to work, but then it's not interesting enough to keep my mind off the annoying landscape trucks that are extending my commute by twenty minutes (bastards). So the question(s) is this: Do you listen to podcasts? Why or why not? Which ones? The comments I get before Friday, April 11 will be placed into a hat (or perhaps a bowl), and I will draw the winning name. The winner will receive a signed copy of Get Well Soon, plus maybe another surprise book (but not super exciting, so don't freak out or anything), plus some Get Well Soon frowny face buttons.

1 comment:

Kaleb said...

Yay! A chance for a signed copy!
I don't regularly listen to podcasts because unfortunately, a lot of them are bad quality. The reason is that these days, most people just make a video and put it on Youtube of themselves! Or a radio show (like mine) is just recorded and also broadcast online (I don't know if that's podcasting or not :) )
I did, however, for a while listen to the Crazy Allie podcasts from Ryan Seacrest. She was an 8-year old prank caller who was uproariously funny.