Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Julie Gives Back

I have no reason for naming this post what I did, except that I'm watching "Idol Gives Back." I am always amazed at Bono. I was so on love with U2 in junior high and early high school, and I don't really listen to them much anymore, but Bono... sigh. He is a hero. And then there's Fergie... strange looking girl. It totally sucks, though, how everyone kept saying she was pregnant and really it was that she gained some weight. And then she lost it and wore leather pants to show that she lost it (I heard her say that). But now I'm just annoyed with her because Heart is on kicking ASS with "Barracuda," showing everyone how women can rock it out, and Fergie has to come out and skank it all up. Cheap 'ho. Ooh- that hit a nerve, can you tell?

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