Thursday, March 13, 2008


I don't know why I haven't been blogging as much lately. I guess I've been really busy- planning something for my mom's 60th birthday, meetings at work, working on my second novel revisions (although not as much as I should be), but mostly just trying to relax. I am a pretty high strung person, not exactly type A, but usually my mind is wrapped around a million different things at once. That's a quality I like about myself because I get a lot done, but for a while now it's almost taken over. So now I'm trying some relaxation practices. Matt wants me to try meditation, which he does, but I don't think I'm capable of not doing ANYTHING but sitting and focusing on my breathing. Instead I'm using other practices, such as yoga and breathing and relaxation poses. It's not bad, and Matt is trying to make it easier by setting up my little relaxation nook for when I get home from work. But I feel like a little kid, fighting him on it, because I really just want to sit on the couch when I get home. We actually found a nice compromise- I do the relaxation stuff during American Idol. Now it's only on two nights a week, though (thank god), so I'll have to figure out when to do it on the nights it's not on.

In Harry Potter news (btw- on Facebook I am in this Harry Potter group where they have a never ending Harry Potter trivia game, and I play every night[ so I guess that's also why I'm not blogging]. Each time you get a certain number of questions correct, you reach a new level of awesomeness. I am up to "Exalted Mind") I just finished watching HP and the Order of the Phoenix (I watch the movies while I tread on the mill in the morning). The movie is growing on me. And I am listening to Deathly Hallows in the car. I keep thinking about when I have kids, are there any names I can use from Harry Potter? They're all kind of boring and/or dorky/weird. I suggested Luna to my husband, but he thought that was too kooky. He said the same thing when I suggested Buffy a while back.


Kaleb said...

You're so obsessed with Harry :)

I need to try relaxation techniques sometime because I'm always doing a million things. I do find that browsing youtube always helps :D

PEACEgirl said...

no offense, but Buffy is about the worst name you can give a kid. they would change it as soon as they where old enough. i think that Luna is a nice name- i rode the SWEETEST horse named Luna. there aren't really any good girl names in the harry potter books, but maybe you could name a girl Kira, like in Kira Kira (best book EVER) i have always loved the name Amber. Karina is a great name to . you could go to baby it is SO fun!! you can look up names and see what they mean. i have put a lot of thought into names- i like to do it when i am bored.
once i tried Yoga and i crashed into a table- never really a relaxing thing for me. i am more of the hide under the covers with a book kind of person (at least when i am in a bad mood).
oh yeah- you could chose a name from your'e heritage-then it would have some sort of connection, not just a tag slapped on.