Friday, March 14, 2008

Kid Pee

I love living in the cold. I love that it gets so cold and snowy every single year, yet every single year we make such a big deal about it. And I love when, in the middle of March, it can be 51 degrees outside, and it feels so warm that people drive with their convertible tops down. I love how in the fall it can turn 51 degrees, and everyone will pull out their new sweaters and coats.

I have spring fever, as do all of my students. Next week is a shortened week because of Good Friday, and then the week after is spring break. Yay! Matt and I were considering going to the new water park hotel that they just built near our house (before all of the pools and slides become too infected with kid pee), but they don’t sell tickets to just the water park. You actually have to stay at the hotel. Is that to keep out the riffraff? Sounds like it’s not working because they already had a snippet in the Police Blotter about a fight at the water park. Love that Police Blotter. So no water park for us. That’s OK. It’s only 51 degrees outside, after all.

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