Friday, April 01, 2011

Local Elections

This morning I spent about an hour looking up names of candidates in our local elections.  What do other people do?  It's like there's so little information out there, if you don't count the barrage of hideous signs on peoples lawns.  Our local newspaper conducts interviews and posts them online, which is where I found most of my info (except, of course, for those candidates who didn't return their interviews.  Nice going, peeps.).  It makes me wonder how many people actually read up on the nominees or if they just vote for people they know.  Do they know people?  Do most people vote?  One of the hot topic issues in my town's election this year is repealing red light cameras.  I think this is freaking ridiculous.  The argument is that having red light cameras makes our town less welcoming.  As if people won't visit our town when they find out we have red light cameras.  Really?  Who gives a shit about red light cameras if they're catching people who are breaking laws?  I don't get it.  If they stop people from running red lights and, oh, I don't know, killing other people, why would they be such a bad thing?  People are weird.  These aren't the kind of lights that record all the time; they just snap pictures of cars running lights.  I'm sure the red light freaks will win, though, since the other candidates don't have a platform.  They should have made a platform like, repeal morons from our town.  Was that mean?  Elections always make me sad.  Unless they make me happy.  But they really show off the people who I completely disagree with in the world.  Ug.  No more negativity.  Next week-- a contest to win a copy of the new paperback edition of Into the Wild Nerd Yonder!  That's positive, right?

Have a great weekend!

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