Monday, April 25, 2011

Shining Sleep

Would you go to n event like this?  It's an event at the Stanley Hotel, on which The Shining was based, with the Ghost Adventures guys and a slew of other psychic, ghost-loving people.  If you pay for the full ticket, you get to stay there for three nights and look for ghosts and go to a costume ball (Do you have to dress like a character from The Shining?) and meet all of the ghost dudes.  The real question is, with my Ghost Adventures obsession of late, would I go to this?

I would not, although if it were closer (like, not requiring a hotel stay) I think I might.  How could I not considering I blog about GA almost every day (is that why no one comments anymore?).  However, the thing isn't until November, so chances are I would spend the mega money on a ticket and then totally grow out of the phase by the time it happens.  And, besides, I am a grown-up with a husband and a child, and I can't buy plane tickets and hotel rooms and all because I want to see some dudes from a TV show I like.  Right?

But what about ghosts?  How many of you think it would be fun to spend an evening or two sleeping in the hotel where Stephen King was so freaked by the paranormal activity that it inspired The Shining?  Of course I want to hang with the GA dudes, but what if I was stuck with someone else?  What if they paired with with some total freak ghost-obsessed person and they called out the ghosts to possess me and then I couldn't get the ghost out of me with an exorcism because I'm Jewish?  I am very curious about that, actually.  Do exorcisms work on Jews?  Like, since it's all crosses and holy water and stuff.  What would I do if I went to a Ghost Adventures event and a ghost came home with me?  If it were a friendly ghost, maybe it wouldn't be so bad.  Yeah it would.  I like my ghosts on TV or in the movies.  I am curious, though, have any of my blog readers experienced any paranormal activity  And I don't mean the movie.


Sarah Dooley said...

I would SO go to this! If it weren't, you know, expensive and far away. Last October, the Ghost Adventures guys did a live broadcast from an old hospital in my state. I was so bummed I couldn't make it!

Just because: When I glanced at your post in my blog feed, I thought it was titled "Shining Sheep." I was very curious.

Julie H said...

Shining Sheep! Love it! Which old hospital? I am so all over that show.

Sarah Dooley said...

Hmm. Okay, so it was two Octobers ago. How did I lose an entire October?

They came to the "Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum." (Although around here we just refer to it as Weston State Hospital -- or at least we did before that episode aired.)