Friday, April 08, 2011

Random Loves of the Week

I just checked my blog stats, and my two most read blog posts of all time (which have been read literally ten times as much as my other posts) are:
More Covers for Your Covering Pleasure (1,323 page views), about the hilarious book covers I found in my library (If you like that post, you can also check out the "Julie's Most Awesome Book Covers" label on the side of my blog)
Why I Heart Ke$ha (1,055)
Isn't that wacky?  I wonder who is reading my Ke$ha post.  Nobody is commenting on it, yet it continues to get read.  I kind of love that.

What else do I love this week?  Ghost Adventures.  I know, I blabbed about it last weekend, but I have been watching it non-stop since.  I can't get enough!  I adore Zak, the big dude who is possibly the most sincere man I have ever watched on TV.  He doesn't care that he is afraid of snakes and heights and evil dolls.  And he gets all excited about the paranormal stuff they find.  His arms are ginormous, as is his heart.  I'm just guessing.

The next love is a family love.  Matt and I are very different thinkers, meaning we are not a couple who can finish each others sentences.  Occasionally that upsets me, but mostly I think it's great that we have very different brains to contribute to life.  Here is one occasion where we were definitely in sync (I keep wanting to type "n sync," which neither of us ever were).  Matt likes to find little videos for Romy to watch on YouTube, and she expects this from him.  Recently he pulled up this:

Not only does Romy now refer to herself often as Paul Simon (she did this previously with Michael Jackson because she liked to wear only one mitten), but yesterday I put on a CD of "Me and Julio," and Romy, no exaggeration, had me keep the song on repeat for over an hour and a half.  The funny thing is that I always envisioned dancing with my kid, when I had a kid, to this song.  So that's the in sync part.

Speaking of being in sync (um, not really), we're going to get our taxes done today.  I am never this late in the tax doing, but it somehow got away from us.  We like our accountant, so it's never a bad time.  Except for the scary ending.

It's supposed to be in the 80s here on Sunday, and I'm meeting up with some of my best friends.  Should be a great weekend!  Hope yours is, too!

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