Friday, April 15, 2011

Career Discounts

Today I'm going to speak at my old junior high about being an author.  It's Career Day.  I'm not the featured speaker or anything (I wonder who is) but one of the many people who a small group will see based on a test they took.  I think.  I did this last year, and I asked the kids if any of them really wanted to be authors.  I think one said yes.  So this year, instead of taking a clinical approach, I'm going to give more of a personal talk about how I became an author, not about being an author in general.  I am also bringing along a Power Point, which may or may not allow some of the kids to fall asleep, but will at least be colorful.  Jeez.  I hope I'm more interesting while I speak today than I am right now blogging.  Hopefully the shower will wake up my face and brain.

In shopping spree news, I went to Kohl's yesterday with a 30% off coupon.  I realize Kohl's is not the coolest place to tout my shopping spree, but with the minimal amount of time I have to go shopping by myself and the boring items I needed (slippers, bras, sunglasses, shorts) it did just fine.  I even bought a shirt handmade by Lauren Conrad!  Um, not really.  But I did buy a cute shirt with her name on it.  When I was trying on my clothes, a woman in a dressing room nearby let out the biggest, loudest, longest fart ever.  I would have been mortified if it were me.  Luckily there were no children in the dressing room to hear it, or the laughter would have been non-stop.  I was all business with my time constraint, so I suppressed my own laughter.  I wonder if that person was embarrassed, or if they thought it was acceptable to do that in a fitting room.  Like, it's sort of acceptable to do in a bathroom (although still mortifying in public, if you ask me).  When I went to pay, the lady at the checkout was a dud.  You'd think she'd be all congratulatory that I got the 30% (Kohl's sends you a peel off surprise discount that can be 15, 20, or 30%).  No, she didn't care.  Nor could she hear anything I said.  Not because she was hard of hearing, but because she was just really boring.  If I worked at Kohl's, I would be all up in that 30% game.  Her loss.

Have a good weekend?

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