Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Leap Out!

Today is the release for the sweetest new book called "Leap Back Home to Me," written by Lauren Thompson and illustrated by my husband, Matthew Cordell.  The book received two starred reviews from Kirkus and Publishers Weekly, much deserved.  Click here for art samples on Matt's web page.  "Leap Back Home to Me" is the simple story of a mom and her child, froggy style, as the mom allows little froggy to explore further and further out into the world, always inviting her/him to "Leap back home to me."  The last page always chokes me up.  It would make a perfect Mother's Day present.  I hope it's not what I'm getting, however, since I already have a copy.  Did that sound bitchy?  I am crazy grumpy this morning.  It's time (much too early, of course) for me to get my own little froggy out of bed.  I do highly recommend this book.  Let me know if you find it in your local book store!


Reece said...

Hey, congratulations to your husband! That's so exciting!

Julie H said...

Thanks! I'm so proud.