Monday, April 18, 2011

That's Entertainment

What have I been watching and listening to lately?  I'm glad you asked.  Here is my list of weekend viewing/hearing pleasures:
  • Ghost Adventures - Duh.  Still watching.  Still following on Twitter.  Still kind of obsessed.  I want them to do a lockdown in my town.  Maybe I should pretend my house is haunted?
  • Arthur - Not the noseless aardvark, but the lovable drunk, this time around played by Russell Brand.  Matt and I had a chance to see a movie yesterday, and while I considered Hanna, I went with Arthur.  I thought it was quite sweet and funny, and Russell Brand was totally charming.  I completely see what Katy Perry sees in him.  What he sees in her remains to be seen (besides her boobs, of course).
  • Paul Van Dyk - This one's a listen.  I have been very uninspired musically for a while now (excluding Ke$ha, of course), and, I am slightly embarrassed to say, I picked up some Paul Van Dyk CDs from the library based on the fact that one of the Ghost Adventures guys recommended him.  Not to me personally.  Or was it?  Anyway, it's good music to work out to, and I'm happy to be in another genre besides morose, indie blah that is always what others seem to suggest (as was my previous life's genre).
  • Game of Thrones - This new show started last night on HBO.  I have not read the books, and the show was fine for a first episode.  I wanted more magic, and the sex and boobs were everywhere.  All I could think was that these were actors pretending to have ridiculous sex.  So, not so sexy.  But I'll keep watching to see where it goes.  The show, not the sex.
Now I shall stare out my window at the snow-covered ground.  Happy Passover!

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