Wednesday, April 13, 2011


My aunt noted how I don't blog as much about writing as I used to.  That is because I haven't really been writing.  I know some writers write all the time, write several books at a time, would die if they were not writing.  I am not like that.  In fact, before I quit my job, I pretty much wrote only during the summers (except for the first half of Get Well Soon, which I wrote on a train to and from work).  Perhaps it is my natural writer way to need a break in between books, to refresh my brain and give all my ideas time to simmer.  I have an outline for my next novel (the book after the GWS sequel), and I have another idea that is really taking shape and would be something very different for me.  But I have pretty much put off all writing until I hear back from my editor, Liz, about GWS II.  And this is where the halt became official.  Normally, I hear back from Liz relatively soon after I send her my manuscript.  She'll write up a letter with overall suggested changes and ideas, as well as send me the manuscript printed out with her handwritten notes all over it.  This book, however, has been with Liz for four months.  She assured me a while back it was because she had a stack of books on lists that came before mine that needed to be tended to and it had nothing to do with what's inside my book.  Still, a girl can get a complex (and you know I'm that girl).  I emailed Liz today hoping to get an ETA, just a little hello and to touch base.  I'm terrified that the reply will say, "I've been working for months on your book and had to completely red pen every single page!"  No, I'm not actually afraid of that.  First of all, Liz and I have worked together on three books already, and she is wonderfully delicate in her ways.  I also feel like we work together so well, and I have a very strong sense of my writing and know this was a very well done book.  What will be interesting to see, and what I think I'm most afraid of, is what happens when I get it back.  Have I lost my mojo, or did I need this time, as I normally had when I was working, to cool off from the last book?  And somehow magically Liz knew this?  Or at least her schedule did.

Totally unrelated: I have been reading Twitter more (yet not tweeting more) because I'm now following the Ghost Adventures guys.  I finally get it!  Twitter, I mean.  It's like I know what these guys are doing at all times!  It's rather comforting.  See, these are the types of odd obsessions I need to curb before I can begin to write again.  I'm taking full advantage of my waiting period.  Now if you will excuse me, I have to see what Zak had for breakfast.


Sarah Dooley said...

The Ghost Adventures guys are on Twitter! Oh! I'm so glad you told me that.

Actually, maybe you shouldn't have. I'm NOT in a waiting period. I'm in a "way-behind-on-everything-I'm-supposed-to-have-finished" period.

Still. It's the Ghost Adventures guys! I'll make time.

Julie H said...

Sarah, they tweet quite a bit, but it's so fun! It's like we're there with them! I am SO CREEPY!!! Join me!