Saturday, April 02, 2011

Soiled Doves

I am in love.  With a TV show.  Well, maybe not in love, and I don't even know how long it will last, but I sure enjoyed watching it last night.  Perhaps I'm behind in my new found adoration of Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel, but better late than never.  Usually after I put Romy to sleep, Matt and I either watch a rented movie or something off our DVR.  For some reason, last night I flipped around and found this show.  We watched two episodes.  Ghost hunting shows can be repetitive, the same guys running around with night vision goggles, jumping and yelling when they think they hear or feel something.  There are generally two types of shows: one approaching ghost hunting in a very scientific manner, and the other with your average Joe off the street screaming their head off.  Ghost Adventures is like Zoolander gone ghost hunting.  The main guy of the three is Zak Bagans, who takes everything extremely seriously.  And not in any sort of intellectual way.  He plays the tough guy and has the most gigantic arms to back it up.  I can't quite explain why he's so awesome (and awesomely hilarious) because you have to watch this guy to really get the full effect of his douchiness. No, that's not the right word.  He's not a jerk, and maybe I don't really know him from just two episodes.  It's, as I said before, that he takes himself so seriously.  Not that I don't believe the ghost aspect of the show (I do, maybe), but isn't it funny to be running around in night goggles, claiming the random sounds you pick up on your special recorders are words?  Just a little?  He doesn't think so.  The best episode, of the two, took place at a theater in Tombstone, Arizona, where a whole lot of Wild West people were shot.  Zak and the boys moseyed all around the place, after they were locked in for the night, looking for ghosts of gunslingers and, as Zak would not stop saying, "soiled doves" when referring to the supposed ghost prostitutes that resided there.  It was embarrassing, yet slightly endearing.  I don't know how many more episodes I can convince Matt to watch, but you can be sure I'll be watching more.  Beats the heck out of the crap that is Celebrity Ghost Stories.

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