Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Medieval on My Ass

I don't like my last blog post, so I'm going to make a quickie happy post about how much I'm enjoying the Sims Medieval.  It's SO much fun.  I like it better than the regular Sims, in that there is much less inanity (ie: Medieval Sims don't have to go to the bathroom.), and there are way fun quests.  There are many glitches, though, that I know the good folks at EA Games are working on.  The EA boards are a pretty funny place to visit.  People have problems with the craziest things.  I especially enjoyed a board I visited because of a glitch in the game that directly affected me.  You see, I was playing a quest where my queen Sim needed to find her king and then have an heir.  The problem was, she couldn't get pregnant.  She woohooed a million times, and no baby.  So I went to the boards.  People are hilarious.  Apparently, whoever programmed the game decided that Medieval Sims can only have two children, and since my queen already had two illegitimate ones, she couldn't have any more.  How could I possibly win the quest?  One woman on the boards pointed out that IVF was not an option.  I thought that was great.  Also great?  Everyone on that chat was a woman.  Right on.  The Sims knows its audience.  Anyway, my queen was recently killed in a quest of assassination, so maybe my new queen (who, I have to say, is kind of a dullard) can woohoo her way to a new heir.

Anyone else out there playing this, or have I made myself sound like the biggest author goober in the blogosphere?


Lisa Aldin said...

I love The Sims! I had trouble completing a quest because The Bard had to write something but the option wouldn't appear on the script writing table. It felt like my life. Sometimes I just don't have the option to write! LOL!

Lisa Aldin said...

Oh - and I also love how there is no Social Worker to take your kid away. You don't really have to take care of them. That's horrible, isn't it? BUT I LOVE IT!

Julie H said...

It is filled with glitches, isn't it? I also love the easy care child feature. I wish they could have more than two!