Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I have been thinking about Nicolas Cage a lot lately.  How can I not, when Yahoo has his mug shot on every page?  Was that even a mug shot?  I didn't even read the story.  Ug.  Stars are so grody to the max that I don't want to deal with their crap anymore.  What an odd guy Nick is, though.  In a good way, most of the time.  Or at least some of the time.  I like that he is into weird, dark, voodoo-y things and has various non-real hairdos.  I saw him speak at a Comic-Con with his son, Weston, about a comic the two of them worked on together (now defunct, I believe), and as ridiculous as self-indulgent as they were, it was sweet how supportive Nick was of his son's goth makeup.  But what really got me thinking of him was this:

I watched Valley Girl whilst on the tread last month, and I had no idea Nicolas Cage was, like, fer sure so tubular.  He had the cutest little gap in his teeth!  And such great hair!  I know the hair isn't his fault, but did he have to fix the gap?  And I loved that the valley girl's name was Julie, so he had to keep saying my name.  Sigh.

I'm reaching for blog ideas today because I really wanted to blog, but I woke up all late. On a totally unrelated note, anyone see Into the Wild Nerd Yonder in paperback in the stores yet?  Tomorrow I will try to blog about sending books to famous people and never hearing back from them. 

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