Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Bubbles Beware

Romy and I went to Target yesterday and bought these:

because I had a two dollar off coupon, and it was slightly nice outside and looked kind of fun.  Luckily, I opened one of the bottles and realized the paint-like consistency.  I put a hold on the bubble-blowing until after naptime, when we changed into grungy clothes and parked ourselves in our backyard.  If I hadn't, where would all this have gone?
Actual Romy hands and bubbles!
The packaging does not imply at all that this will be messy, although there is a hilarious, tiny warning not to use the bubbles at weddings.  Can you imagine?  The kids on the package are all clean and smiley, obviously enjoying their digitally created bubbles.  Here they are:

I called Crayola this morning, in a nice way, and a woman in a freakishly soothing voice tried to explain that they were meant for outdoors.  I told her what I told you, and she issued me an $8.00 refund. 

This has been Julie Halpern, YA author and bubble consumer, reporting for duty.


Teenage Librarian said...

It's so weird that you posted this. I was just reading a blog on that was talking about how the bubbles aren't washable at all. They stained clothes, skin, and driveways!

I think maybe this is a Crayola fail.

Julie H said...

Man, they must be having to refund everyone! Verrrrryyy interesting. I realize I totally should have named this post "Bubble Trouble." What was I thinking?

Heather said...

It looks like paint with a bubble wand. You should send Crayola the photo.