Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Party Like a Rock Star

I am in full on boogs mode, which was unavoidable, what with Romy coughing directly into my face over the last week.  I'm taking Romy to the doc today for her pneumonia follow-up, and I plan to ask the doc to listen to my chest, too.  Do you think she'll do it?  I love my grown-up doctor, but her office is 40 minutes away from my house and the wait is usually a minimum of one hour.  We'll see what the kiddie doc says.

I read yesterday that the line-up for the Young Adult Library Services Association’s half-day Annual pre-conference this summer in New Orleans, “Give Them What they Want: Reaching Reluctant Readers,” has grown to awesome proportions.  The original trio, Walter Dean Myers, Chris Grabenstein, and me, will now be joined (does that make it sound like I invited more people?) by Jay Asher, Sarah Dessen, James Kennedy and Carolyn Mackler.  How cool is that?  In the past, every time I've seen Sarah Dessen I end up talking to her about breast feeding (Read about past experiences here and here).  Will I continue the trend?  My only fear is this: According to American Libraries, "All six authors will reflect on how their work speaks to today’s teens and offer insights on how to turn those teens into active readers."  Wait a minute.  There are seven authors total.  Are they trying to kick me out?  Am I not cool enough to hang with such a rock star lineup?  Are Kennedy and I going to have to duke it out for the remaining spot?  (Chicago has a very small YA author scene, so I know James Kennedy and am allowed to say that.)   Will everyone hang out together, or will the big names be shuttled in and out like famous people?  I'm super curious.  And so excited!  Get to it already, summer!


Heather said...

I hope you and Romy feel better. Nothing worse than being sick while taking care of a sick baby. Good luck in New Orleans. Sounds fun.

carey farrell said...

so jealous about new orleans! some of my librarian friends are going, and it sounds awesome. maybe if you and james kennedy get into a brawl someone will videotape it for those of us stuck in chicago. :)