Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I am totally shirking my blogger responsibilities because I have been playing my Sims Medieval.  It's SO FUN!!!  Since I'm on my computer during the time when Romy is sleeping, I can either a) blog or b) play my game.  Yeah.  So today, here's a link to a fabulous blog post at Seven Imp all about my husband, Matthew Cordell, and author Julie Sternberg and their new book, Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie!  And BTW- Matt just received his second starred review for his upcoming book with Lauren Thompson, Leap Back Home to Me!  Kirkus called it an "instant classic!"  Gotta go storm the castle!  Or, really, play with Romy.


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Lisa Aldin said...

OH MY GOD. I totally forgot Sims Medieval came out this week! I MUST GET IT RIGHT NOW. But I am working on edits...AW! No time! But it looks AWESOME! You made me all excited.