Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Sick and the Sims

Romy has a cold, a cough, and a fever, so we're heading to the doctor's office today.  I shall reward her (because this kid is sooo good) with a sweet treat from the Lovin' Ovens Bakery.  Isn't that a funny bakery name?  It has put a cramp in my Sims playing because, even when my mom was here yesterday to play, Romy wanted her mama.  The guilt!  The game is super fun, and I can't wait to play again.  I played a little with Romy on my lap, and she enjoyed watching the people.  But the guilt set in with that, too. 

Remember how I told you I'm going to a murder mystery at a haunted mansion this weekend?  Well, I got my character assignment.  The theme is "1930s gangster," so I bought myself a cool beret and shirt at H&M that I thought made me look all Bonnie Parker.  But guess what-- I am no gangster.  My character is (wait for it...) a nun.  So instead of being cool and glamorous, I borrowed a habit (?) from my next door neighbors' Halloween stock.  I'll be wearing a star of David underneath, fo shizzle.  Will I manage to keep a straight face?  That's the real mystery.