Saturday, March 05, 2011

What to Watch Weekend: Waxwork/Waxwork II

I have no idea how I forgot about these film gems.  You can tell the director/writer/whatever (I am trying to write this fast because Romy is up on the monitor.  So is always the case.), Anthony Hickox was really into the Sam Raimi Evil Dead movies because there's a lot of camp in the Waxwork saga, particularly in the sequel (which includes a cameo by Bruce Campbell!).  The first one also has a silly evil hand, which, duh, is straight out of Evil Dead 2.  Whatever.  I'm not complaining.  The first movie is all about a random waxwork that pops up in the middle of a neighborhood, and a group of college students get invited to a "private showing," which means they are going to enter each of the displays, all of old horror movies, and become part of the waxwork.  Did that make sense?  Both movies are excuses for the actors to dress up in silly clothes and act like different people.  Different people than the ones they are already pretending to be.  The actors in the first one are great, including Zach Galligan (the star of Gremlins!), Deborah Foreman (Valley Girl!), and David Warner (from the original Tron!  And lots of other things!).  In the second one, they get random crazy guests, such as Marina Sirtis from Star Trek:TNG and Martin Kemp, whose older brother was in Spandau Ballet, but they sadly replace Valley Girl with another actress who just doesn't have the same vacant oddness.  And the sequel has much less to do with a waxwork and more to do with reenacting scenes from lots of movies.  Which makes it sound just like the first one.  A fun way to waste a weekend afternoon.

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